The Royal National City Park’s 25th Anniversary

The Royal National City Park’s 25th Anniversary


Djurgården is an important part of the world’s first National City Park: The Royal National City Park. The area is a truly unique historical landscape, interwoven with parks, beautiful buildings, woods and forests, open land and beaches. And now it is the Royal National City Park’s 25th anniversary.

In the 1990s, the park became under threat from overexploitation. A combination of local authorities, non-profit organisations and the Swedish Parliament decided, therefore, that an area with such natural, cultural and recreational value needed to be protected. And in 1995, the Royal National City Park was born.

Today, the Royal National City Park is Sweden’s most visited greenspace, and it is home to a very rich plant and animal life – about three quarters of Uppland’s plants and animals are found there. The Royal National City Park is also home to the highest collection of large oak trees in northern Europe. Here on southern Djurgården you will find, among others, the Prince Eugen oak, which is considered the largest living oak tree in Stockholm.

The park provides clean air and dampens noise, and is a place where locals can come to relax and recuperate. The Royal National City Park also has significant cultural value, with beautiful houses, buildings, interesting museums, amusement parks, theatre and entertainment venues and palaces. One of these palaces can be found here on southern Djurgården: the Rosendal Palace.

This year we are excited and honoured to be congratulating the Royal National City Park and everyone who is a part of it on its 25th birthday.

There are many activities taking place as part of the celebrations, including guided tours, lectures, a photo exhibition at Nybroviken, and various activities throughout the park. You can find out about the events taking place on southern Djurgården in the calendar on our website, under the ’Royal National City Park 25 year anniversary’ category. Further information can be found at

We hope you will come and explore our amazing park soon!

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