The fall season is the art season at Djurgården

The fall season is the art season at Djurgården


During the fall season Djurgården is beautiful in so many ways, with the leaves changing color, crisp fresh air and the sharp light on sunny days. Another beautiful thing you can see on the island is all the art we have in our different galleries! We have plenty to discover, and whether you want to spend one or several days you can create your own art tour at Djurgården with a few recommendations from us.

Djurgården offers everything from The future of food and drinks at The Museum of Spirits to a look into the life in the Arctic at the Nordic Museum and everything in between. For those interested in magnificent paintings from the 20th century we recommend the Thiel Gallery and Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde. And don’t miss out on all the beautiful monuments at Djurgården!

Take a refreshing walk, or why not explore Djurgården by bike! There are so many things to see along the way. For example several monuments and memorials. Our suggestion for an art tour at Djurgården is that you start at the Thiel Gallery which you’ll find furthest away on the island, and then head back towards the Djurgården Bridge. Along the way you can visit Waldemarsudde, then Liljevalchs, afterwards the Museum of Spirits which is located almost next door, before you finish the tour at the Nordic Museum.

(You can read about the exhibitions and events down here.)

Our best tips for an art tour at Djurgården

Thielska Galleriet – The hidden gem at Djurgården

The Thiel Gallery was built for the magnificent art collection of the businessman Ernest Thiel and was finished in 1907 in a magical building in Art Nouveau-style. Here art lovers are invited to enjoy a unique collection with everything from Eugen Jansson to August Strindberg. At the moment they have an exhibition about Karin Frostenson with works from 1960-2018. The exhibition is a mix of old photographs, satire and references from advertising.

Waldemarsudde – Swedish cultural heritage

At Prince Eugen’s old home at Waldemarsudde visitors can enjoy his extensive art collection with several of the prince’s own creations which you can experience all year round. You will also find artworks from Carl Larsson and the international star Anders Zorn, among others. The collection consists of about 700 pieces and includes visual arts, sculptures and craftsmanship. Right now there is an ongoing exhibition about Edward Burne-Jones which is the first ever monographic exhibition by him shown in Scandinavia. The presentation includes fascinating paintings, textiles and drawings and reveals his influence of Scandinavian art and design. This is definitely an opportunity for the Swedish public to discover this eminent Pre-Raphaelite artist.

Liljevalchs – Contemporary Art and design in a beautiful setting

Liljevalchs is welcoming everyone regardless of your level of artistic interests. They have four different exhibitions all year around. At the moment they have their major fall exhibition by Helene Billgren – “All clear”, which is a survey of her work and includes the objects and drawings from the 1980s and 1990s to the increasingly color-intense paintings of the 2000s.

Museum of Spirits – Exhibition consisting of swing-ticket tags

Artist Angus Fairhurst belonged to an influential generation which became a phenomena known as Young British Artists or YBAs. The early 1990s was a period of economic crisis and the YBAs made a sensational splash with an attitude at once countercultural and market-driven. Fairhurst was a central figure during this brash and innovative era, but unlike many in his generation of art graduates from Goldsmiths’ College in London, he avoided the obviously provocative and shocking. The exhibition at the Museum of Spirits is an Absolut Art Collection including Angus Fairhurst from 1994. The pieces consists of a thicket of blue, red and black swing-ticket tags formating the shape of an Absolut Vodka bottle. These tiny straps are used in clothes shops everywhere to attach price tags onto clothes – here, they are the core material of a work of art.

The Nordic Museum – Take a look inside the Arctic

The Nordic Museum is Sweden’s greatest museum of cultural history. Here you can experience different parts of the Nordic way of life and culture. They have everything from a 1940s apartment to Nordic lights and traditions, about the celebrations and festivities throughout life. A new and big exhibitions is “Arctic – While the ice is melting” which allows you to meet people from some of the coldest places on earth. Where the living conditions and environment are changing at a rapid pace.

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