An autumn filled with art at Djurgården

An autumn filled with art at Djurgården


The leaves are changing colour, the evenings are growing darker and the weather is getting colder by the day. But here at Djurgården you can get warm and cosy with several art exhibitions. There is plenty to experience so whether you want to spend one or two days you can create your own art tour at Djurgården with some recommendations from us.

Djurgården offers everything from David Shrigleys giant inflatable swans to traditional Swedish folk art at the Nordic Museum and everything in between. For those interested in magnificent paintings from the 20th century we recommend the Thiel Gallery and Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde. And don’t miss all the beautiful monuments here at Djurgården!

Take a walk, or why no explore Djurgården on bike? There is much to see along the way as well. For example several monuments and memorials. The latest is Ripples, a memorial after the Tsunami catastrophe of 2004. Our proposition for a art tour at Djurgården is that you start at the Thiel Gallery which you’ll find furthest out on Djurgården and then start to head back towards the Djurgården Bridge. Along the way visit Waldemarsudde, then Liljevalchs, afterwards the Museum of Spirits which lies almost next door before you finish the tour at the Nordic Museum.

(Scroll down if you want to read about the exhibitions and events directly.)

Our best tips for a art tour at Djurgården

Thielska Galleriet – The hidden gem at Djurgården

The Thiel Gallery was built for the magnificent art collection of the businessman Ernest Thiel and was finished in 1907 in a magical building in Art Nouveau-style. Here art lovers are invited to enjoy a unique collection with everything from Eugen Jansson to August Strindberg. At the moment they have an exhibition about Ivan Aguéli and the theme is painting and mysticism. The exhibition shows how Aguéli’s painting, spirituality and activism stimulated each other.

Waldemarsudde – Swedish cultural heritage

At Prince Eugen’s old home at Waldemarsudde visitors can enjoy his extensive art collection with several of the prince’s own creations which you can experience all year around. You will also find artworks from Carl Larsson and the international star Anders Zorn, among others. The collection consists of about 700 pieces and includes visual arts, sculptures and craftsmanship. Beginning on the 6th of October, the museum arranges the exhibition Thinking like a mountain by the acclaimed Swedish photographer Helene Schmitz. Her goal is to use her photographs to examine the complicated relationship between mankind and the forces of nature. This particular exhibitions focuses on the extraction of natural resources in Sweden and on Iceland.

Liljevalchs – Contemporary Art and design in a beautiful setting

Liljevalchs welcomes everyone regardless of your level of artistic interests. They houses four different exhibitions all year around. From the 12th of October you can experience Soviet Poster Art, an exhibitions which concentrates on the Soviet 20’s with posters from both movies and propaganda from a unique Japanese collection. In addition, Cinemateket will screen ten silent films from the 1920s by major Soviet directors.

Museum of Spirits – Exhibition of Giant Inflatable Swan-Things

Artist David Shrigley is well known within the art world for his morbide humour , simple ink drawings and monumental artworks. Shrigley expresses his art in a multitude of ways to show both trivial as well as the more dubious sides of human behaviour. Shrigley has been a regular contributor of drawings to both the Independant and the Guardian, he has published many books and in 2013 and 2018 he produced giant human dolls at Life Model and Life Model II. But now he has created a exhibition uniquely for the Museum of Spirits with over dimensioned bath toys with a resemblance to swans which are filled with air and then deflated again with an unflappable smile that is at once satisfied and empty. You can also visit the museum shop to buy one the souvenirs created by Shrigley himself.

The Nordic Museum – Experience traditional Swedish folk art

The Nordic Museum is Swedens greatest museum of cultural history. Here you can experience different parts of the Nordic way of life and culture. They have everything from the 1940s apartment to Nordic lights and Sápmi about the indigenous population of Sweden and Finland. The collection consists of over 1,5 millions items and six million pictures. One of the exhibitions is Swedish Folk Art which gives you an opportunity to be inspired by the art of the country folk. The exhibition will teach you about Swedish history in colour, form, patterns and materials.

Utställning Folkkonst


As a bonus the are fantastic restaurants at each place.

We wish you a pleasent art tour at Djurgården this fall!

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